At the Forest Festival 2022 - a week-long residency for artists and a film workshop for young people

The Forest Festival invites artists, curators, writers, researchers and/or performers from various disciplines to a  one-week creative residency in Šimoniai forest (Anykščiai district), and young (15-19) people to  a film workshop that will take place  August 6-12. Artists and teenagers from Ukraine are especially welcome. Both camps will take place  in a 19th-century homestead surrounded by forests, within 20 kilometers of the nearest town and fast internet connection.

Forest Festival is a project dedicated to ecological culture and exploration of our relationship with nature. The project has been running for five years;  it is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture. This year’s festival theme is Respite. The artists-in-residence will immerse themselves in the forest and together create the final event of the Forest Festival on August 12. Meanwhile, participants of the film workshop will direct and shoot short films. In addition to creative work, the camp program includes simple communal living, soundscape workshop, forest bathing, art therapy, hikes and other activities.

The main available means and conditions for artistic expression will be the surrounding environment – forest, river, meadows, old farm buildings and implements. Near the Forest Festival camp there are also several old homesteads, a wooden church, and a cemetery. The organizers of the Forest Festival will try their best to provide the necessary tools for creative work  and the common goal – to prepare the Forest Festival event on August 12th .

The final event on August 12th will be public and open to a wider circle of participants who want to experience what the artists-in-residence will create together.  More information about the event will be posted here closer to date and on our social media accounts. 

Forest Festival project is partially financed by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Anykščiai municipality